How To Dress Well – “Repeat Pleasure (A. G. Cook Remix)”

On “What Is This Heart?”, How To Dress Well’s absolute stunner of a new album, “Repeat Pleasure” is arguably the emotional center; it’s slow and calm and clear, and it cascades all over itself. The PC Music producer A. G. Cook, meanwhile, specializes in disorientingly blippy, assaultively chipper experimental pop music; along with SOPHIE, he’s one of the two demented geniuses behind “Hey QT.” He is not exactly the first person you’d expect to hear remixing “Repeat Pleasure,” but he’s done it, speeding Tom Krell’s devotional falsetto up into a chipmunk squeak and throwing dizzily plastic synths all over everything. It’s a fascinating collision of styles, and you can hear it below.

“What Is This Heart?” is out now on Weird World.