Beatking – “Rambunctious” (Feat. Danny Brown & Riff Raff)

The Houston rapper Beatking is a regional Texas cult hero who seems ready to get the internet going nuts, at least when people start hearing his monstrous new track “Rambunctious.” The track has a huge, squelching electronic SGT J beat and on-fire verses from noted internet-beloved goofballs Danny Brown and Riff Raff, both of whom absolutely go in. But the best thing about the track might be the way Beatking’s enormous voice bulldozes through everything around it. The track comes from Beatking’s forthcoming mixtape Underground Cassette Tape Music, and you can hear it below.

(via Noisey)

Underground Cassette Tape Music, a collaboration between Beatking and Gangsta Boo, is out 9/30.