Fool’s Gold – “I’m In Love” + Poolside Remix

Los Angeles-based Fool’s Gold have released the first single from their upcoming third album, Flying Lessons. It’ll be their first one since 2011’s Leave No Trace, which saw them pare down their once amorphous collective into a solid five-member band. “I’m In Love” characteristically takes from different musical trends all over the world, blending some tropical sounds with the African influence they’re most accustomed to. It also comes with a remix fellow L.A. band Poolside. Listen to both below.

(via KCRW)

You can also download “I’m In Love” for free:

Fool’s Gold – “I’m In Love”

No word on a release date for Flying Lessons, but “I’m In Love” is out now.

[Photo by Angelika Sjostrom.]