Mr Twin Sister – “In The House Of Yes”

I’ve harped on this before, but “Mr Twin Sister” is not a good band name. But when the band formerly known as Twin Sister added that mystifying article to the front of their name, they also seemingly gave themselves a creative shot in the arm. The band’s self-titled album is out later this month, and the two songs we’ve heard from it, “Out Of The Dark” and “Blush,” have both been fire — confident, smooth songs that hit the same pleasure centers without sounding anything like one another. Their new “In The House Of Yes” follows suit. It’s an a jazzy and house-inflected pop number, and it’s elegant and slick and jazzy. For those of us who loved Everything But The Girl’s 1999 album Temperamental, it sounds just about perfect this morning. Listen to it below.

Mr Twin Sister is out 9/23 on Twin Group/Infinite Best. Now, please excuse me while I dig up my cassette copy of Temperamental.