Schoolboy Q – “Studio (Remix)” (Feat. Nas & BJ The Chicago Kid)

Schoolboy Q doesn’t really do “soothing,” but “Studio,” the BJ The Chicago Kid collab from his breakout album Oxymoron, is about as close as he gets. The song is about working and wishing you were having sex instead. Nas isn’t having any of that, though. In his verse on the track’s new remix, the rap eminence mostly talks about working: His new album, his contractual status, his friendship with Q. Nas says that Q only texts him when the movie Belly is on, which is pretty funny to think about. This is not, by any means, a hall-of-fame Nas verse, but it’s got a nicely casual, tossed-off vibe. Other than the Nas verse, this is exactly the same song; Q hasn’t recorded any new verses. But the Nas verse comes first, so he didn’t bury the lede. Listen to it below.

(via Miss Info)

Oxymoron is out now on TDE/Interscope.