Old Man Gloom – “The Lash”

Aaron Turner’s great post-metal band Isis called it quits in 2010, and his great indie metal label Hydra Head Records effectively shut down in 2012, but the dude has not exactly decreased his workload. He’s got a new label called SIGE, and he makes music with a bunch of other bands, most prominent among them the supergroup Old Man Gloom, which has been kicking since 2001, but went on hiatus for eight years starting in 2004. In 2012, a relaunched Old Man Gloom released their excellent fifth LP, NO, which would end up being one of Hydra Head’s final releases. As of now, it seems reasonable to assume OMG is Turner’s primary vehicle: Not only does the band have a new album on the way, but that album is being released by the venerable Profound Lore Records (Agalloch, Pallbearer). What’s more, that album is a lurching, bone-splintering beast that lives up to its fucking awesome title, The Ape Of God. Today, a song from The Ape Of God has been shared in advance of the album’s release; it’s called “The Lash,” and if you let it, it will topple your equilibrium and reset your vertebral column. Let it.

Ape Of God is out 11/11 via Profound Lore.