Billionaire Owner Books Himself To Open For The Eagles At MSG

Billionaire Owner Books Himself To Open For The Eagles At MSG

Among Knicks fans, team and Madison Square Garden owner Jim Dolan is a universally reviled villain — an impulsive self-regarding blowhard legacy case who inherited his billions, who operates without a shred of self-awareness, and who has crippled his team time and again by making dumb decisions. He also has a band. JD & The Straight Shot are a blues-rock laughingstock, and their videos have been sports-blog bait for years. But public perception hasn’t stopped Dolan from promoting his stupid fucking band. And now he’s booked them into the gig of a lifetime: Opening for the Eagles at Madison Square Garden, the venue he owns.

In a new profile, the New York Post reports that JD & The Straight Shot will open for the Eagles tomorrow night at MSG. It also has a lot of amazing info about the band and, by extension, about the way Dolan sees himself. Dolan tells the Post, “I’m entitled to my opinion. I am not the chairman, CEO, etc., standing up there on that stage. I am the singer-songwriter.”

Dolan song topics include local politicians who, he feels, have wronged him, like former governor Eliot Spitzer, and current mayor Bill De Blasio, who he lambastes for not caring enough about the one percent: “If you dare to call the mayor, taxes got your goat, well he don’t care. Cause you’re a millionaire, and he didn’t get your vote.”

Dolan also admits to some uncertainty about the whole thing: “I worry about the other ways that people know me. I worry that they aren’t going to listen to the music. Are they going to look at the music and go, ‘I don’t like how the Knicks are doing this year’?… You are definitely putting it out there and making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to criticism, and since it’s so personal, you run the risk of being hurt… This is all me. Those are my words. That’s my voice. And this is my product.”

You can read the whole profile, and watch some truly staggering videos, at the Post website. Meanwhile, the New York Times has the band’s terrible new song about Trayvon Martin.

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