Stream Grimes’ Bedtime Mix For Annie Mac, Featuring Aphex Twin, Patsy Cline, Portishead

The BBC radio presenter Annie Mac regularly brings in guests to compile Bedtime Mixes, DJ sets of music specifically intended to lull you off to sleep. In certain circles, Grimes is notorious for her DJ sets of giddy, sunny pop music. She’s the type to throw on Taylor Swift or the Vengaboys when she’s DJing for Boiler Room, thus scandalizing way too many people in the comments sections of sites like this one. But the whole idea of the Bedtime Mix works against tendencies like those, and you can probably listen to Grimes’ mix without clutching your metaphorical pearls. In her half-hour mix, Grimes includes tracks by canonical figures like Patsy Cline and Aphex Twin and Portishead, and it all adds up to one very pretty and soothing piece of music. (Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner, I should warn you, does make an appearance.) Listen to the mix and check out its tracklist below.

01 Patsy Cline – “Sweet Dreams”
02 Miharu Koshi – “Ave Maria”
03 Aphex Twin – “Xtal”
04 Eliot Sumner – “Information”
05 Portishead – “Roads”
06 Majical Cloudz – “Bugs Don’t Buzz”
07 Yoko Kanno – “Atomic Bird”

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