Watch White Lung’s Mish Way Toss Out An Asshole Fan At Red Bull Sound Select NY

Mish Way, the singer for the great punk band White Lung, is the wrong lady to fuck with. Late on Friday night, White Lung headlined a Red Bull Sound Select show at the Brooklyn club Palisades, playing with Power Trip and Sick Feeling. During the first few minutes of White Lung’s set, Way got into an altercation with a big balding yahoo in the front row; she later said on Twitter that he’d been flipping her off and calling her a cunt. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the situation escalated quickly. Way and the (much bigger) guy grabbed each other, and when Way broke free, she howled “Get the fuck out!” (mid-song) into the microphone. A minute later, she went down into the crowd, pointed at the guy, and threw some punches. White Lung bassist Hether Fortune and a crowd member grabbed the guy and pushed him out of the room. As Way returned to the stage and the song ended, Way said, “Get the fuck out of here! Don’t you dare lay a finger on me, motherfucker! Get out of here, motherfucker! Oh man, you know what? As a woman, I have fucked enough shitty dudes, I have put my way. Fuck off! Fuck you!” Most impressive about the whole thing: The whole time she was scrapping with this fucker, Way was still singing. The video of White Lung’s entire set is below, and you should probably watch the whole thing, since it’s a White Lung show and they’re incredible. The fight starts around the 2:35 mark, and you can see pretty much the whole thing.

White Lung’s album Deep Fantasy is out now on Domino, and it’s great.

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