Preview New Weezer Song “The British Are Coming”

Sometime between the release of the teaser video for “Lonely Girl” and the release of this teaser, for “The British Are Coming,” I got my hands on an advance of the new Weezer LP, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. And while your mileage will surely vary, I’m all-in on the thing: IMO this is pretty easily the best Weezer record since Pinkerton. You hear almost none of “The British Are Coming” in this clip, but I will tell you this much: That title isn’t a misdirect; it’s a song about Paul Revere’s ride and the Revolutionary War. You don’t hear enough here to get an idea what it sounds like, so I’ll tell you this much, too: It’s a fucking great song, one of the LP’s best. What you see in this teaser won’t convince you of that, but you should check it out just the same.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is out 10/7 via Republic.

Tags: Weezer