Dream Police – “Hypnotized”

Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi are best known for their band the Men — who already released a great album earlier this year — but they’ve got another project, the electronic-leaning Dream Police, with an album on the way. What does an electronic-minded project from some dudes in the Men end up sounding like? Based on the title track from their upcoming Hypnotized, it sounds like an ass-kicking rock band. Here Perro and Chiericozzi supplement their rough guitars with a Roland 707 drum machine and a Juno 106 synthesizer, which provide a heavy thump and a shrieking pierce, respectively. Throw in Perro’s vocals and you’ve got something that’s certainly leaner but no less fierce than their other band. Listen to it below.

Hypnotized is out 11/11 via Sacred Bones.