Allo Darlin’ – “Bright Eyes”

The lyrics of Allo Darlin’s “Bright Eyes” do not directly reference Conor Oberst’s band, but there’s a touch of teenage Oberst’s spirit in Elizabeth Morris and Paul Rains’ jangly boy-girl serenade. Not that this is an emo-folk song or anything of that sort; like “Romance And Adventure” before it, “Bright Eyes” is twee with a skip in its step and abundant casually excellent guitar playing. The difference is that while Allo Darlin’s first We Come From the Same Place single was resolutely overcast, this one is the sound of sunshine peeking through the clouds. “I feel better hangin’ out with you” is about as plain as you can put it, and when you do simple this well, there’s no reason to complicate things. Listen below.

We Come From the Same Place is out 10/7 on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!

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