Check Out Haim’s New Alana-Shaped 7″

Haim have allegedly started work on their follow-up to last year’s highly rated debut album Days Are Gone, which — and this seems crazy to me — isn’t even a year old yet. So although the album already feels like an old, weathered classic, it isn’t that crazy that Haim are still releasing singles off it. The next one, a limited-edition 7″ picture disc of “My Song 5,” will be extra-special: As CoS points out, the vinyl comes shaped like Alana Haim, with arms and legs stretching well beyond the circular outline. The B-side will be the “My Song 5″ remix with A$AP Ferg, for which they also made a star-studded music video recently.

The “My Song 5″ single is out 10/27 on Columbia. Pre-order it here.

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