Myrkur – “Nattens Barn” Video

Lately, Relapse Records has caused a minor shitstorm in the underground-metal community by signing Myrkur, an anonymous one-woman atmospheric black metal project, and by helping her keep her identity secret. As it turns out, Myrkur is not a witch who lives in a cave in the Norwegian woods and spends her evenings lighting candles and chanting to old Ulver demos. She’s Amalie Bruun, a Danish woman who lives in Brooklyn and works as a model and leads the glamorous indie band Ex Cops. (She revealed her identity last week.) If anything, I think those layers of obfuscation make her work more interesting, not less, and it’s impressive that she can do such accomplished work in such radically different genres. But some nerds are mad, and these nerds are not going to be any happier when they see the video for her beautiful song “Nattens Barn.” In the clip, Bruun stalks through some woods, keeps her face hidden behind hair, and pretty much pretends to be the witch I described above. Will J. Løkken and Aske Løkken directed the video, and you can watch it below.

Myrkur’s self-titled EP is out now on Relapse.