DJ Quik – “Life Jacket” (Feat. Suga Free & Dom Kennedy)

The great Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik, still making great music after a couple of decades in the game, has a new album called The Midnight Life coming out next month, and I cannot wait. First single “That Getter” was an absolute slapper, and now he’s followed it up with a slick, squeaky ’80s-funk pastiche called “Life Jacket,” which is deeply within the man’s wheelhouse. Old collaborator Suga Free and laid-back Californian up-and-comer Dom Kennedy both make appearances, but the best verse on the song is Quik’s own. Sample lyrics: “When I play this guitar, it’s gon’ make my dick hard / Something like the Scarecrow, Michael Jackson, fuck the Wizard / I should’ve gone to Julliard.” He should’ve gone to Julliard. Listen below.

(via Nah Right)

The Midnight Life is out 10/14 on Mad Science Recordings. Let’s just take a minute for the fact that the single art has a cameltoe drawn into it.