Check Out EMA’s New Hive Zine Back To The Void

EMA’s excellent new album The Future’s Void does a lot of things. And this is one of those things: It combines an old pasted-together sense of DIY punk rock with a pervading feeling that technology has come to colonize every part of our collective brain, digging deep into both the power and the anxiety of that feeling. That tension between old-world punk rock freedom and new world technology is also on display in EMA’s new online zine Back To The Void, a very personal piece of work she just put online. The zine has pieces about The Future’s Void — how she made it, what she was thinking about — as well as the feeling of seeing her own physical image become a part of the way she markets her own music. The zine takes advantage of the internet’s ability to do multimedia things; there are gifs and collages and a never-released video for her great Past Life Martyred Saints track “Butterfly Knife.” But it also has an awesomely amateurish cut-and-pasted quality, like photocopies newsprint zines once had. Read it here, and check out the “Butterfly Knife” video below.

The Future’s Void is out now on Matador.

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