Stream Ex Hex Rips

Mary Timony has indie rock O.G. status. She started out in the D.C. punk trio Autoclave, led the great and underrated Helium for most of the ’90s, and, most recently, held down co-frontlady duties with Carrie Brownstein in Wild Flag. Timony’s new band is Ex Hex, a D.C. trio that plays a simplistic and supremely catchy punk rock take on power-pop. This time around, Timony seems to be doing a sort of Ramones/Cheap Trick hybrid, and it is awesome. The trio’s live shows are ridiculously entertaining, and their brand-new debut album Rips, which lands next month, is pretty much nonstop hooks. We’ve posted the early tracks “Hot And Cold,” “Don’t Wanna Lose,” and “Beast,” and now you can, and should, stream the entire 35-minute pogo-fest at NPR.

Rips is out 10/7 on Merge.