FKA Twigs Harassed By Racist Robert Pattinson Fans

The British R&B deconstructuralist FKA twigs has reportedly been dating Robert Pattinson, the former Twilight franchise star who’s lately become a pretty interesting actor. (He’s great in The Rover, the new minimalist Australian apocalyptic thriller.) These two are easily my new favorite celebrity couple, and I am weirdly invested in both of their happiness. But not everyone on the internet is thrilled to see these two coming together. As Jezebel points out, a ton of Pattinson fans and Twitter trolls have been spamming twigs’ Twitter account with straight-up racism. At Jezebel, you can see a whole lot of randoms referring to twigs as a “monkey,” which is just a stunning example of internet awfulness. Twigs has gotten on Twitter to clap back at these pieces of shit, and here’s what she’s said:

Real talk. For whatever it’s worth, there are way more people in twigs’ Twitter feed assuring her that real Pattinson fans love and support both of them.

[Photo via US Weekly.]