J Fernandez – “Close Your Eyes”

Here’s another jazz-infused psych-pop excursion from J Fernandez’s Memorize Now EP. Like “Cosmic Was” before it, the Rhodes-laden “Close Your Eyes” is too singular to fit neatly into a specific musical lineage. The music tumbles all over an interior realm, rarely settling into one place for long, beholden to the whims of its creator’s imagination. As Fernandez tells Impose, the project is inspired in part by prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces:

A friend was telling me about this disorder called prosopagnosia. It impairs a person’s ability to recognize faces. The track “Memorize Now” is about the kidnapping of someone with this disorder and the struggle to recall their kidnapper’s face. But the title Memorize Now is also connected to the trouble I have with capturing an initial sketch for a song. It’s always tough for me to remember the details and also the mood. If I wait too long to record, some things just get lost.

Hear “Close Your Eyes” below.

Memorize Now is out 10/14 on Atelier Ciseaux. Pre-order it here.

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