Peter Hook Reviews Bernard Sumner’s Autobiography (Spoiler Alert: He Doesn’t Like It)

The former Joy Division and New Order bandmates Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner have been publicly feuding ever since 2007, when Hook left New Order and effectively broke up the band. New Order have been touring without Hook lately, and Hook has been disputing their right to use the name. But Hook and Sumner have something in common: They’ve both written recent autobiographies. Sumner’s book Chapter And Verse came out this fall, and Hook has taken it upon himself to review the thing for Billboard. You’re never going to believe this, but he’s not a big fan. Some highlights:

It seems, in a strange way that Bernard’s vitriol towards me has clouded out a lot of the things he’s achieved in New Order. To me, the problem with his recollections is that they are solely aimed at justifying the taking of the New Order brand name and good will in 2011 — an action I view as illegal and am still fighting. It’s like a vehicle to convince himself, the fans or even me that he was right to do so…

I found Bernard often very contradictory and his narration towards me is cruel and spiteful. We all have different memories and we all remember things differently. However Bernard only ever seems to remember the things that suit his purpose. This, in many ways, seems like an effort to sideswipe a “problem bassist” out of history, or at least his history.

The review ends with Hook offering, sarcastically, to rejoin the band. But he should totally rejoin the band! Read the whole review here.

[Photo via Billboard]