Mastodon Want To See You Twerk, Preferably In Asstodon Shorts

Mastodon caused a minor stir a few weeks back with their satirical video for “The Motherload,” which featured a heavily stylized twerking competition. Those outraged by the clip said it objectified the women involved, though at least one of the women contested that stance. Now, as Pitchfork reports, the band that brought us the Mastodong is throwing a twerking contest. Furthermore, you get bonus points if you wear shorts emblazoned with the phrase “Asstodon” across the back, available for $29.99 at Mastodon’s online store.

The band announced the contest in a Facebook post today. Basically, fans are instructed to upload photos of themselves twerking — preferably in Asstodon shorts — for a chance to win tickets to a show on Mastodon’s upcoming tour. Here’s the full text of their post:

We’re giving away tickets to our upcoming tour, and all you have to do is twerk for it. Take a photo of your best twerk and upload it to Facebook. Bonus points if you’re wearing Asstodon shorts ( To be considered, you must caption your photo like this:

“I want to see Mastodon on [INSERT DATE OF THE SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND] at [INSERT VENUE OF SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND]. Check out my ?#?Asstodon?.”

We’ll choose a few of our favorites to get tickets and also feature some on our page. Get inspiration for your photo from our new video for “The Motherload” below and check out our upcoming tour dates at We like our Facebook page and we’re sure you do as well, so please keep your photos R-rated.

Both men and women are presumably invited to participate in the contest. Pretty funny, right? Watch the video for “The Motherload” below.

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