Porches. – “Forgive” (Feat. Greta Kline)

Aaron Maine’s vocals always float above his music like some disembodied and omniscient nebula, smoky and weathered. On his new 7-inch for Terrible Records, Maine stretches out electronic elements that were only flourishes on his previous work into full-blown blossoms, slinking and slippery. “How can I tell you ’bout the power of forgiveness?” Greta Kline, forgoing her Frankie Cosmos alter ego here, stretches out the last word into an Autotuned oblivion. “Forgive” is luminous and starry-eyed, channeling all of Maine’s sincerity and emotional honesty into a sparkling synth-pop package. Slow dance in the cosmos, indeed. Listen below.

Prism” b/w “Forgive” is out now via Terrible Records.