Stream Mark Lanegan Band Phantom Radio (Stereogum Premiere)

Back in August, we heard “Floor of the Ocean,” a single off Mark Lanegan Band’s forthcoming record, Phantom Radio. While Lanegan’s trajectory as a musician has changed significantly since Screaming Trees — at times Phantom Radio sounds practically crystalline, far removed from the man’s grunge upbringings — Lanegan’s voice is still cavernous. Some of the tracks on Phantom Radio, like “Harvest Home,” boast a kind of morbidly rhythmic sing-song quality: “Black is a color/ Black is my name/ I need something to help me chase the devil away.” Others, like the muttered “Judgment Time” and the pleading “Waltzing In You,” intermingle roaring, synth-driven sections with soft pauses, whispered prayers. Listen below.

Phantom Radio is out 10/21 via Vagrant. You can pre-order the album here.