Cult Of Fire – “Vltava”

Prague’s Cult Of Fire were responsible for one of 2013’s best metal albums, ?????? ?? ????? ???????? (gonna have to check the pronunciation on that one): a swirling, immersive black metal record that looked to India for its inspiration, both musical and lyrical. The band is back this year with a two-song EP, ?tvrtá Symfonie Ohn? (translated: “The Fourth Symphony Of Fire”), which returns them to their own roots: The record is dedicated to Czech composer Bed?ich Smetana, as well as the Czech river Vltava and the Slovak river Váh. “Vltava” is the title of the new EP’s A-side, and while the Indian elements have been replaced by Central European motifs — and the vocals are altogether absent — it showcases the same fierce musicianship, vitality, and commitment as found on the band’s last LP. Once again, it’s a bizarre and intoxicating experience. Listen.

?tvrtá Symfonie Ohn? is out 12/8 via Iron Bonehead.

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