Foo Fighters – “The Feast And The Famine”

Nobody else should release any new music today, now that RTJ2 is out there in the world. But people are doing it anyway, so we might as well post it. Foo Fighters have just shared the second song from their new album Sonic Highways, for which they recorded eight different songs in eight different cities. After the Chicago offering “Something From Nothing,” they’re giving us “The Feast And The Famine,” the D.C. installment. This one could be the closest one to Dave Grohl’s heart, since he grew up in the D.C. suburbs on a steady diet of the city’s hardcore. The band recorded this one at Inner Ear Studios, the Arlington, Virginia site where countless Dischord classics were created. And there’s a bit of Jawbox lurch in the song’s verses, at least before it explodes into a typically Foosian chorus. Grohl drops a few references to local geography into the lyrics, too. Listen below.

Sonic Highways, the album, comes out out 11/10 on Roswell/RCA. The D.C. episode of Grohl’s Sonic Highways TV show is on HBO tonight.

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