Låpsley – “Falling Short”

Among many other big names, XL Recordings has released music by understated indie staples the xx and superstar diva Adele, and the label’s latest signing, Låpsley, is something like the halfway point between those two talents. Holly Fletcher, the woman otherwise known as Låpsley, plays intimate, soulful singer-songwriter music with a tasteful digital fringe. “Falling Short,” a piano ballad from her upcoming Understudy EP, is absolutely lovely. It’s one of those songs that sounds like everything and nothing, borrowing elements from lots of classic material but filtering them into a singular artistic voice. Let it wash over you below.

Understudy is out 1/5 on XL.


01 “Falling Short”
02 “Brownlow”
03 “8896”
04 “Dancing”

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