Watch Daniel Radcliffe Rap The Shit Out Of Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” On The Tonight Show

This must be late-’90s underground rap week. First, we’ve got El-P doing his best work ever with RTJ2, and Harry Potter’s out here doing a Blackalicious song on The Tonight Show. If Shabaam Sahdeeq was ever going to stage a comeback, it better be now. “Alphabet Aerobics” is a classically gimmicky rap workout from Bay Area duo Blackalicious’ 1999 EP A2G, and it features the Gift Of Gab focusing on one letter at a time — “Artificial amateurs aren’t at all amazing,” etc. — and speeding up his cadence as the beat keeps getting faster. And when he was on The Tonight Show last night, Radcliffe rapped the whole thing, with actual late-’90s underground rap overlords the Roots backing him up and Fallon holding big cards that helpfully let everyone know what letter he’s rapping. It’s a ridiculous and pointless and deeply impressive feat, and you can watch it below.

Does Radcliffe’s rap voice make anyone else think of Doseone?