Sufjan Stevens Is Scoring A Slow-Motion Rodeo Documentary

Sufjan Stevens will be scoring a slow-motion documentary called Round-Up at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music. He’ll perform the score live on electronics alongside ensemble Yarn|Wire, who will be playing piano and percussion. The footage was shot by Aaron and Alex Craig at Oregon’s Pendleton Round-Up. Stevens previously collaborated with BAM on last year’s Planetarium and 2007’s The BQE. He’ll perform from January 20th through the 25th. More details can be found here.

UPDATE: Here are some words from Stevens via

I’m working on a documentary about rodeo (Round-Up), premiering at BAM next January. In the spirit of the BQE, this project will also feature live music accompaniment (by Yarn|Wire). The score is for two keyboardists and two percussionists (I will also be performing on synthesizers and electronics). The footage was shot in slow motion by brothers Aaron & Alex Craig at the Pendleton Round-Up in eastern Oregon last year. This project was something of an accident, as I stumbled across the rodeo on a road trip a few years ago and was immediately smitten. I sent Aaron & Alex out west to capture footage last September thinking we would have a 5-minute clip to post on vimeo. They ended up filming some 50 hours of footage and when I showed a few clips to Joe Melillo at BAM he suggested I turn it into something more substantial. The Harvey Theater @ BAM was recently outfitted with Brooklyn’s largest film screen and a beautiful high-res projector (Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament was shown there last year). I’ve always wanted to do something at the Harvey and I think this is going to look (and sound) stunning. Pendleton’s rodeo is one of America’s best—it’s over 100 years old and goes to great lengths to preserve its tradition; all participants, press and staff members are required to wear traditional attire, cowboy boots, hats, etc. (Pendleton Woolen Mills is a local business that makes some of the best plaid shirts and blankets, by the way). All of the events take place outdoors on grass, and the confederated tribes of the Umatilla reservation participate with relay races, pageants and parades. The footage is incredible—Alex & Aaron are fastidious cinematographers. I’ll be posting video stills as we edit. Tickets go on sale later this month. Let ‘er buck!