Aphex Twin Doubles Down On 9/11 Truther Comments, Shares Music By His 6-Year-Old Son

A month ago Aphex Twin mastermind Richard D. James offered some vague comments in an interview that suggested he might believe 9/11 was an inside job. In a new Q&A with his friend Dave Noyze at Noyzelab, James clarified his views on the matter — kind of — and it sure sounds like he believes the US government was responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center. Here’s what James had to say:

dave: is there anything particular u wanna say to your fans about this album that u haven;t said in other interviews?

rich: i didnt really feel like i said anyfink of note in recent interviews I’ve just done as was still in a bit of a regretamin hole, no sleep…also like we were saying before, journo’s tend to write their articles before they have even talked to you and you get the impression with a lot of them that you don’t need to be there at all.
hopefully this will b diff though
be good if people could wake up quicker and realise what is actually going on in the world, how people are being controlled, well nobody is actually in total control nobody ever will be , life is too chaotic but there are lot’s of people trying and doing pretty well at the moment and the majority of people are falling for it.
I keep forgetting that most people are totally friggin oblivious to how they are being programmed& controlled from birth upwards from your name, being a ‘citizen’ which basically enters you into a contract, it goes on from there.
Recently when some journo’s were saying ‘so you actually believe 9/11 was an inside job’ , attempting to paint picture of me bein a crackpot , [yawn] I was totally shocked, they were intelligent people but still they didnt get it, just popularist, pandering to what they think will be popular, instead of thinking for themselves and expressing their own opinions.
Im really, really sorry to all folks who might be reading this but if you believe the ridiculous story that is being pedaled about 9/11 from the mainstream media then you are absolutely gullible, some very clever people are also very naive and very gullible, they are not nasty people but very trusting and theyre good nature is being taken advantage of. Not believing the mainstream media is very hard for some folk who have put their trust and faith in the state and press, breaking that faith will not be an easy process for many.
Some people just see through bullshit very effortlessly and can easily tell when people are lying, others it seems can’t , that in itself is an area im interested in.
When I first watched footage of 9/11, I was around this geezers house in London , he is a real geezer n all , I was buying old jungle records , he had this massive widescreen tv in his flat which was too big for the room, classic and as soon as we watched the twin towers being struck ,he said really matter of factly , they just did it to themselves and I was like thank fuk for that, people are not THAT gullible.
Also dark funny moment was [email protected] kept playing the footage over and over again of the buildings going down and then at 1point they played the film backwards by mistake and the building went back up again, we had to laugh…when things are so dark, you have to laugh sometimes, those poor people and their families…one day justice will be done.
Anyway yeah 9/11 is just the tip of the iceberg isnt it but how do you break this strangle hold on humanity, well you have to start somewhere to break the illusion and 9/11 is a pretty big weakpoint in the illusion but still so many are fooled… we live in hope.

people can be made aware of these things ,covertly with music though anyhow, so I don’t need to say much more.

So, there’s that. James also said his new album title Syro was inspired by “syrobonkers,” a word his eight-year-old son made up. And he shared some music that his six-year-old allegedly made, which you can hear below.

James on his son’s music:

he’s done more since , vocals on one says ‘alien action’
He is so advanced mainly because he is trying to keep up with his 8yr old bro who is also going way deep into computers already, dunno where they get it from, its really exciting to see them start so young.

I love music by people who dont know wtf they are doing…its the best…why i liked certain periods of jungle so much before they learned how to use machines properly.
Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy music made by wise people but I think your more likely to learn something ‘new’ by someone who doesnt know anything as opposed to someone who has been doing it their whole life.

James also insinuated that he would release new music of his own soon if Warp Records would release it quickly:

dave:So when can we expect more music released?

rich: Its kind of a bit depressing really as warp just told me if i give them something completed by the end of this week it will be out in january!
fuck me, thats a long wait, it this kind of thing that stops me wanting to release anything, its like ok were on a roll now lets get something out next week, then couple weeks after that, a few weeks after that etc.
It just doesn’t fill me with excitement to want to put anything out.
I don’t wanna knock them as they are a lovely bunch but they got their stuff to put out first which they obviously think is worth releasing so ..and i suppose they can’t employ an office full of people to sit around waiting for me to do some music,suppose :)

There’s also a metric shit-ton of gear talk — seriously, there’s so, so much gear talk — and James shared a handful of alternate takes and early rarities, including this one called “Window Peeper” (no relation to “Windowlicker”).

It is a very, very long interview, and you can read all of it here.

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