Diarrhea Planet – “Peg Daddy”

Nashville punk rock guitar battalion Diarrhea Planet, one of the best live shows you’re likely to see anytime soon, are getting ready to release a new five-song EP called Aliens In The Outfield. But they’ve already gone ahead and shared all five songs. We’ve posted “Spooners,” “Platinum Girls,” “Heat Wave,” and “Bamboo Curtain,” and now they’ve shared “Peg Daddy,” the EP’s epic closer. The song lasts five minutes, which is pretty long for these guys, and it takes its time building instrumental tension before the hammer drops and the whole thing explodes into a glorious emo crescendo. This thing is going to kill at shows; these kids know what they’re doing. Listen to it at Alternative Press.

Angels In The Outfield is out 11/18 on Infinity Cat.