Watch FKA twigs’ Incredible Tonight Show Performance

Late-night talk shows thrive on familiarity, and it’s not easy to make a stage on one of those shows look like something we haven’t seen before. Last night on Fallon, FKA twigs pulled it off. In her American TV debut, twigs sang “Two Weeks,” the great single from her debut stunner LP1. And with a simple bit of stagecraft, she made herself look like something otherworldly. Carrying a couple of gigantic pieces of silk, with fans at the bottom of the stage blowing them up in the air, twigs managed to look like she was underwater, or floating in space, the whole time she was on TV. It was some serious Kate Bush-level art-pop stunting, and it made for an absorbing, powerful performance, one of those late-night performances that I’d have to consider essential viewing. Check it out below.

LP1 is out now on Young Turks.