Baths Shares, Discusses “Failed” Demos

Will Wiesenfeld, the mastermind behind Baths, is praised for the skittish, twitchy samples and deeply poignant emotion he incorporates into his brand of electronic music. As a musician whose artistic mission is propelled by the chopping and splicing of obscure samples and sounds, Baths has created a sound that is distinctly his own. Like any other artist though, Baths encounters dead ends from time to time, ending up with demos that are misguided or unfruitful for one reason or another. Lucky for us, today Baths released six such “failed” demos, with explanations behind each of them, via Song Exploder, a podcast where artists deconstruct their music. Check out the six “failed” demos below and read Wiesenfeld’s commentary on each at Song Exploder.

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