The Who Announce Virtual Reality App

This year, the Who, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, celebrate their 50th anniversary. They’re marking the occasion by releasing the new collection The Who Hits 50!, which includes the not-good new song “Be Lucky.” And they’ve also announced plans for something that’s both backward- and forward-looking in some profoundly weird ways. The much-hyped virtual-reality headseat Oculus Rift will apparently be ready for commercial sale next year, and when it drops, the Who will have an app for it all ready to go. Before we see the Oculus Rift version, the app will be available as a smartphone and tablet app for Android and iOS. As The Guardian reports, the band and developer Immersive have teamed up to build a 3D world out of the band’s iconography, including its logo and old photos and images. Apparently, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to buy the band’s music while wandering around this environment. I hope this thing sells some music, since I can’t think of any other reason for it to exist. Check out a preview below.

(via The Guardian)

The Who Hits 50! album is out now on Universal.

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