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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Here’s something I wasn’t quite expecting: Every last one of the videos on this week’s list has some kind of narrative to it, even if that story is just “intense guy wanders around motel and weird things happen.” Most of them are pretty cartoony. Some of them involve actual professional actors. All of them are deeply entertaining. Check out this week’s picks below.

5. Deerhoof – “Exit Only” (Dir. Vice Cooler)

After General Zod had been trapped in the Phantom Zone for a little too long, things started to get weird.

4. WATERS – “I Feel Everything” (Dir. Brendan Vaughan)

I am a hopeless mark for long, elaborate tracking shots; it’s one of the reasons I think Children Of Men is the greatest movie made this century. But the thing I like best about this one is the intensely blank facial expression that Van Pierszalowski maintains throughout.

3. Alt-J – “Left Hand Free (Version 2)” (Dir. Leblanc + Cudmore)

This song already had a video, and a pretty good one, so extra credit for seeing this whole ridiculous vision through anyway. Extra extra credit for leaving all of it completely unexplained.

2. Phantoms – “Broken Halo” (Dir. Ace Norton)

One of the nicest things about getting old: No more nights like this one.

1. Taylor Swift – “Blank Space” (Dir. Joseph Kahn)

Taylor Swift had to make five great albums before she made her first great music video, but she’s there now, and the rest of the music-video world is not safe.