Mac DeMarco Detained By Police During UCSB Concert

Mac DeMarco can be a wild performer, but his antics never seemed like the sort of thing that would lead to a run-in with the law. Yet that’s exactly what befell DeMarco during a concert Friday at UCSB. According to The Santa Barbara Independent, campus police detained DeMarco during his performance at The Hub “after he was crowd surfing and climbing in the venue’s ceiling beams.” DeMarco’s detention, which ended the show, marked the second time the police halted the concert after earlier arresting some concert-goers for violent moshing. More from The Independent’s report:

The show went on, but was interrupted again after UCSB police officers detained DeMarco for sitting up in the railings. DeMarco was propped up to the beams by attendees after he surfed the crowd. He climbed to the second floor of the venue and walked down the stairs back to the stage where police officers detained him. According to Signa, it wasn’t until the police officers spoke to DeMarco outside that they realized he was the lead singer. Signa said there were four levels of security at the concert—event staff, hired security officers, Community Service Officers, and UCSB police officers.

The story quotes students who were taken aback by the intense police presence at the concert. DeMarco himself made light of his arrest on Instagram later on:

Good to know the world was safe from DeMarco’s hijinks, if only for one night!

UPDATE: Here’s video of police escorting DeMarco off the premises:

(via Paper Days)

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