Babes In Toyland Announce Reunion Show

Minneapolis sludge-rock power trio Babes In Toyland, who fucked up a whole lot of people’s brains in the early ’90s, announced over the summer that they’d be reuniting, and we got word a while back that they’d been rehearsing. And now they’ve announced their first reunion show; it’ll be 2/12 of next year at the Roxy in L.A. For the band’s Fontanelle-era lineup — Kat Bjelland, Maureen Herman, and Lori Barbero — this will be their first show back together since Herman left the band in 1997. (The other two kept going but disbanded in 2001.)

In a press release, Bjelland says, “It was brought to my attention that not only do we have a lot of diehard fans from back in the day, but also a whole new generation of kids — my son Henry included — that were eager to see us live. I felt some kind of obligation for them to see us, too. But mainly, I just missed my girls and the feeling that comes from playing with them — visceral live therapy.”

It seems just about inevitable that more shows will follow.

[Photo by Doug Miller via Boing Boing.]