Watch Metallica Resuscitate A Kill ‘Em All Oldie On The Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson’s critically adored, deeply strange version of The Late Late Show is coming to a close next month, and as part of his goodbye festivities, he’s invited Metallica to do a week-long residency on the show, playing a song every night. Ferguson’s show has never been heavy on musical guests, and Metallica don’t have anything to promote, but this is a strange and happy crossover. The best thing about it: Because they have nothing to promote, Metallica are free to dig deep into their deathlessly awesome back catalog. For their first performance of the week, they went all the way back to their classic 1983 debut Kill ‘Em All, playing that LP’s hard-thrashing opener “Hit The Lights.” Below, watch the performance and Ferguson’s opening monologue, which was mostly metal jokes and which makes me wish I’d spent more time watching this show.

Four more nights of this! And there’s a good chance that they’ll just play whatever, since Ferguson seems so pissed at his network! Fingers crossed for the “Last Caress” cover.