Pusha T – “Lunch Money” (Prod. Kanye West)

Whoo! A few minutes ago, “Lunch Money,” a new Pusha T track that Kanye West apparently produced, appeared online with zero advance notice, and it absolutely goes. Kanye’s beat for the song is a gurgling, lurching soup of confusing, disorienting sounds, but all those sounds are built around a very basic, very funky pulse. And over all this weirdness, Pusha raps in his usual straight-ahead fashion, going hard as hell and taking evident delight in the sound of his own voice. Kanye remains, arguably, the greatest visionary in rap music history because he’s the only guy who has way-out ideas and sees them through like this. That beat-switch near the end? Fuuuck. Do yourself a favor and listen below.

(via Nah Right)

If this means there’s a new Pusha album on the way, I am about to do a happy-idiot dance.