Leapling – “Crooked”

Leapling’s “Crooked” is a lot of different things at once: a sauntering rock song that recalls early era Death Cab, a soppy and shoulder-rolling dance number that doesn’t seem like it should get you to move but does, and a mellow rumination on existential dream and desire. “I’ve been waiting for the world to turn my way/ to remind me of a long and better day,” vocalist Dan Arnes sings plainly. His unaffected singing style allow the drums and pointed magnetic guitar playing to shimmer around him, cyclical and repetitive but never boring. The riff is kind of like cheap wine in a way: better the more that you have of it. The Brooklyn-based four-piece will release their debut album, Vacant Page, early next year. Listen to “Crooked” below.

Vacant Page is out 2/10 via Exploding In Sound/Inflated Records.

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