Morrissey Storms Offstage In Poland After Fan’s Offensive Comment

Morrissey cancels a lot of tour dates, and sometimes he doesn’t drop the hammer until the show is already in progress. That was the situation in Poland last night, anyway. The Daily Mail reports that Moz was 25 minutes into a show at Warsaw’s Klub Stodola when he stromed offstage. A spokesperson for Live Nation, who promoted the show, says that someone in the crowd catalyzed the walkoff by making an “extremely offensive and chauvinistic” remark to Morrissey. According to some in the crowd, the heckler said something about Morrissey’s recent cancer treatments. (In a recent interview, Moz claimed, “They have scraped cancerous tissues four times already.”) It’s bad form to leave a show while it’s in progress, of course, but who in the fuck is going to heckle Morrissey at a show? You know this guy is not exactly a trouper. You know he’s not going to stand there and take it. If you have to be a dick, at the very least, wait until the encore, you know?

[Photo via Getty Images]

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