Sun Kil Moon – “The Possum”

Something that’s gotten a bit lost in the recent War On Drugs saga: Mark Kozelek can write an absolutely incredible song. There were a whole bunch of them on Benji, the astounding album that Sun Kil Moon released earlier this year. And now there’s another one. Kozelek is going to release a new single called “The Possum” in a couple of weeks. It’s a nine-minute narrative song that moves through different stories and moods and musical movements, and it’s all about the things that might go through your head after you see a possum dying on the sidewalk. Parts of the song also comprise some of the prettiest music you’ll ever hear about hanging out with Godflesh. Like some of the songs on Benji, the song features the former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley backing Kozelek up. Listen to it below.

“The Possum” is out 12/1 on Kozelek’s Caldo Verde label.