The Smashing Pumpkins – “Drum + Fife”

Earlier this week, the Smashing Pumpkins released the fantastic “Tiberius,” the third single from their upcoming Monuments To An Elegy. As far as I’m concerned, that song was the single best thing Billy Corgan has done since Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. (IMO, the first two Monuments singles, “Being Beige” and “One And All,” were “so-so” and “quite good,” respectively.) Now they drop another, “Drum + Fife,” which is not on the level of “Tiberius,” but is at least as good as “One And All.” The cover art is a photo of a very young Billy Corgan (13 months old, if both his Wikipedia-reported age and the timestamp on the image are accurate). That was maybe the last time he played drums, right? Tommy Lee does the honors on the track; I’m not sure who’s playing the fife here (yes, there is a fife here), but knowing Billy Corgan, I’m gonna guess it’s … Billy Corgan. Listen.

(via NME)

Monuments To An Elegy is out 12/9 via Martha’s Music.