Watch Will Butler’s ADD Trailer For His Solo Album Policy

Two weeks ago, Arcade Fire member Will Butler played a bunch of new solo songs at a secret Brooklyn show. Last week, he announced the coming release of his new solo album Policy. And today, he’s shared a trailer for the album, one that includes short clips of a bunch of new songs. The clips are so short, though, that it’s hard to form any sort of opinion about any of them, beyond the sprightly synthpop of the first song we hear. Butler recorded the album at New York’s Electric Lady Studios, playing most of the instruments himself, though his Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara helped out on drums. According to a press release, the album is “American music — in the tradition of the Violent Femmes, the Breeders, the Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, the Magnetic Fields, Ghostface Killah. And John Lennon (which counts).” Butler, like his brother Win, comes from Texas originally, so this isn’t a case of some Canadian trying to sell our own music back to us (though there’s precedent for that turning out well, word to the Band). Check out the trailer below.

Policy is out 3/10 on Merge. Pitchfork reports that Zane Lowe will debut first single “Take My Side” on BBC Radio 1 later today.