Jack Ü – “Take Ü There” (Feat. Kiesza) Video

Diplo and Skrillex recently hooked up to form a duo called Jack Ü, roping in the rising pop-house star Kiesza to sing on their big, bright, bouncy debut single “Take Ü There.” Their new “Take Ü There” video is really more like two videos in one: The straightforward people-rocking-crowds-on-tour video and the half-animated frantic-mugging video. The two visions bleed over into each other a lot, and the end result is a big chaotic sunburst of energy. Kyle dePinna, Dillon Moore, and Daniel Streit directed the video, and you can watch it below.

“Take Ü There” is out now on iTunes. Diplo and Skrillex will headline Madison Square Garden together on New Years Eve.