Warehouse – “Omission”

Back in July, the Atlanta-based band Warehouse self-released their debut album Tesseract, an equally methodical and messy group of songs that stood out as one of the more distinct and exciting soundtracks to my summer. Yesterday, Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur and former Captured Tracks manager Katie Garcia launched their new label Bayonet Records and announced that Tesseract will be one of its first releases in March of next year. Bayonet promised new material from Beach Fossils, and announced forthcoming releases from Warehouse’s fellow ATL punks Red Sea, as well as Frankie Cosmos. On “Omission,” Elaine Edenfield’s voice is gothic and snarling, soothed only by what can be described as Warehouse’s expertly tailored movements. In just over four minutes the track expands and makes room for new iterations of its introductory riff, all the while maintaining its initial feral energy. Listen.

Tesseract will be out 3/3 via Bayonet Records.

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