Gwen Stefani – “Spark The Fire” Video (Feat. Pharrell)

I’m in the minority of Gwen Stefani fans who were pleased with her comeback single “Baby Don’t Lie,” but I understand critics who felt that the Ryan Tedder collaboration was too generic, not bananas enough. “Spark The Fire” (or, at least Gwen’s claiming she’s singing “spark the fire”) is a lot more fun and danceable, and now it’s got a highly GIFable, hyper-colorful video you can watch below. Gwen appears in a cartoon universe and an underground club with Pop-Up Video-style graphics flying by. You’ll see a conspicuous HP Sprout workstation (that prints pizza) and a Chrysler Fiat 500L (pizza-making capabilities unknown). Producer Pharrell (whose signature intro style kicks off the track) appears with disembodied Gwen heads revolving around him; the two Voice judges brought the video to life on tonight’s episode of the reality competition.

Gwen Stefani’s third solo album is out next year on Interscope. I’ve heard it, but I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything about it yet, sorry. “Spark The Fire” is available on iTunes.