Clarence Clarity – “Bloodbarf” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

There’s a lot to love about London outsider pop auteur Clarence Clarity. His music is painted in bold pop strokes, but they’re ever-so-slightly twisted — not over-the-top weirdness, just far enough off center to trigger whatever reflex in your brain flags creative work as unusual. In experimental yet classic, old yet new, with traces of Jai Paul and How To Dress Well’s heartfelt bedroom R&B, Ariel Pink’s hallucinogenic adult-contempo nuggets, and Oneohtrix Point Never’s knack for capturing the the mundane essence of modern life. “Bloodbarf,” the lead single from Clarity’s upcoming album No Now, is a strong piece of work in its own right, but director Malvin Mosaics’ video pushes it to the point of brilliance: It’s just a steady stream of defaced Justin Timberlake and *NSync magazine covers that eventually blurs into trippy nothingness — which, come to think of it, is a decent visual representation of what Clarity does sonically. Watch below, where you can also read a statement from Clarity about his new album.

Clarence Clarity’s statement:

The NO NOW is my bubble of clarity. The ongoing wow hovering in stasis, with the blinds down and the world a forgotten dream. This album happened in that non-moment. Your past is what you make of it, and your future’s quite literally set in stone – and are you tired of chasing the present?

This album can be a constant reminder of the infinite flexibility of an absurd universe. You are free if you want to be. And there will be no shame. Don’t worry about leaving your mark – the cosmos couldn’t care less about Mozart or Einstein or Jesus of Nazareth. And even less about you.

But go for broke – when you’re lying on your death bed, looking out into that golden ocean sunset you’ll want something exciting to flash before your eyes – something good before the ultimate NO NOW.

This album is the exorcism of everything I’ve ever learned. Its all left me now – no more human condition left to give. This is the album I’ve had to make. And now I can bow out ungracefully – Creator and destroyer of my own worlds.

The NO NOW will never end, because it never began.

“I’m ready to die” – The Notorious B.I.G

No Now tracklist:

01 “Become Death”
02 “Will To Believe”
03 “Alive In The Septic Tank”
04 “Buck-Toothed Particle Smashers” (Feat. Kill J)
05 “Hit Factory Of Sadness”
06 “Off My Grid”
07 “Those Who Can’t, Cheat”
08 “Let’s Shoot Up”
09 “Bloodbarf”
10 “Tath?gatagarbha”
11 “Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash”
12 “Porn Mountain”
13 “One Hand Washes The Other”
14 “The Cute”
15 “1-800-WORSHIP”
16 “The Gospel Truth”
17 “No Now”
18 “CancerTM In The Water”
19 “With No Fear”
20 “Now I Am”

Here’s a picture of Clarity too for good measure:

No Now is out 3/2 on Bella Union. Pre-order it here.