Kanye West Rapped His Whole New Album For Seth Rogen

Kanye West reportedly enjoyed James Franco and Seth Rogen’s “Bound 3” spoof so much that he invited them to do it live at his wedding. And apparently he now likes Seth Rogen enough that he’s happy to just perform his entire mysterious new album for the guy. Among New York media circles, there are legends of Kanye walking into, say, the Complex offices, standing on a chair, and rapping the entire College Dropout album for whoever happens to be there. It sounds like he did something similar for Rogen recently.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Rogen says that he recently ran into West in New York, and West invited him into a limo van for an impromptu listening session: “There’s no lyrics, only beats. So he raps the whole album, and after each song, he stops it, like, ‘So what do you think?’ We were in the van for two hours!”

I really hope Rogen told him that it’s perfect and he should hurry up and release it right now. If that’s what Rogen did, it would go a long way toward making up for Observe And Report. Just saying.