Dirty Dishes – “Red Roulette” (Stereogum Premiere)

Early next year, the LA by-way-of Boston duo Dirty Dishes will release their LP Guilty on Exploding In Sound, the Brooklyn-based independent label that we’ve dedicated a fair amount of bandwidth to over the course of the past year due to an almost incomprehensible number of kick-ass releases. To say that the Exploding In Sound roster is frequently compared to ’90s alt-rock bands would be an understatement — at this point that kind of descriptor is so lazy that it’s exhausting, which is not to say that it’s wholly undeserved. On “Red Roulette,” Dirty Dishes takes that stereotype and runs it through layers of distortion, forced into the background by Alex Molini’s unflinching synth lines and rendering any creeping desire to describe the band’s sound as “sludgy” or “fuzzed-out” null and void. Jenny Tuite’s voice falls down and pulls itself back up at certain moments, protruding from the song’s carefully choreographed avalanche of sound when she sings, “He knows I’m bending over backwards/ But Christ please, my lips are chapped.” Initially, I had an impossible time figuring out exactly why Dirty Dishes excites me so much, why Guilty makes my personal list of most anticipated releases of 2015. I realize now that songs like “Red Roulette” challenge me because they lack any hardened sense of familiarity or obvious points of reference. Yes, Dirty Dishes sounds kind of like a shoegaze band, but they make the kind of shoegaze that I can only envision emerging right now. Comparison would be a disservice.

Guilty will be out 1/27 via Exploding In Sound. Seagreen will release the cassette. You can pre-order the album here.

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