The Juliana Hatfield Three – “If I Could”

Earlier this year, Juliana Hatfield reunited the Juliana Hatfield Three, the alt-rock trio who made the sorta-classic 1993 album Become What You Are, to make a new crowdfunded LP. That album, somehow only the second one from this band, is called Whatever, My Love, and it’s coming early next year. The first single is “If I Could,” a bittersweet jangle that’s so overwhelmingly early-’90s that I really want to call out sick for the rest of the day and dig out my My So Called Life DVDs. Listen to it below, and read some words about it that Hatfield wrote to people who contributed to the crowdfunding effort.

Hatfield writes:

Hi! This is Juliana. Here, as promised, is the first song for you to hear off the new Juliana Hatfield Three album which we could not have made without your help (thank you!).The song is called “If I Could” . The album is called “Whatever, My Love”. Some of you may have heard an older demo version of this song… I have always loved this song and I always wanted it to be done up properly and although this is not shockingly or radically different than the demo, I really love it. This is an unmastered version of the song–with Todd (drums) counting off the song at the top. I would bet that most of you won’t be able to discern much difference between the mastered and unmastered versions but I wanted to give you something slightly different–even if infinitesimally so–than the album version. During the tracking of the song, I played a keyboard solo and a guitar solo and after much back and forth I decided on using just the guitar solo. But I like the keyboard solo, too, and I am going to let you hear that version, too, soon (not today but soon). I thought about putting both solos in at the same time but ultimately things were too complicated when they were both in the mix–the gtrs and keys were canceling each other out, or getting in each others’ ways, or something. You know me and I don’t have to tell you that the whole album doesn’t sound like this–there are some raunchier rockers in there along with some other pretty things. We hope you love it all……

Whatever, My Love is out 2/17 on American Laundromat.